Wednesday, June 17, 2009

living without the electronic fire

No cable + no converter box + old television = NO TV. It's been 5 nights (never watched during the day). Kind of miss that narcotic flickering, but maybe I'll get some reading done. Anyone forgoing the TV set?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hello long lost

We made it from winter into spring and are now inhaling muffleheads, mayflies, and/or midges that are living out their paltry lives right where our houses are...but it's a symptom of a healthy lake, so go ahead and high whine around, you damn insects...

The art museum opens its new Raphael Vinoly wing with modern and contemporary art, finally, this month. Seems an age since we've seen some of the old faves. And there is new work, too. Ben got a sneak peak the other day and said, "Who needs LeBron James? We have this!"

Does anyone have a cure for an addiction to coffee ice cream?
Does anyone have a cure for writer's block?