Saturday, February 3, 2007

Moon Ice

The moon refused to set this morning. Tangled in the branches of the willow. It was 3 degrees outside; 59 degrees inside. On the horizon: piles of cumulous clouds catching first light, as if they were snow-topped mountains. The ice is a full-on stare in the light, starting to ridge up. Waves are slowing to a stop.


jessica said...

One of my favorite memories of living on the lake was when it started to freeze. And how the seagulls wouldn't move from their dock posts no matter how much ice was blowing into their eyeballs. Anyway, your posts are making me miss it this time of year :)

Amy said...

Where did you live on the lake?

Driving home from the reading last night I got a thrill seeing Lake LaDue frozen over.

The wind is really howling right now, and I keep thinking about your poems. Air-tight, fool-proof, beautiful.

jessica said...

I lived right on the line of Sheffield and Avon lake. It was in this super duper old house and the doors didn't always close all the way so the snow blew right into the sun room! My favorite part was when storms were coming and it looked like a little sea battle in the distance. I miss it all the time.

I had a great time reading with you last night. You really are my hero. :)