Sunday, November 25, 2007

random stanza 11

cold mallards in the cove
a no-clover one-dove day,
a two sundog day
on the walk to Russia

--from "Laughing Sal Walks to Russia"


dork said...

"random question 11"
I am not a literary genius nor do I read poetry for cerebral stimulation, but I do enjoy the visuals and the directness of your work and some of the other peeps who frequent this site as well. Question- If I read something and I get a COMPLETELY different take on what the intended message was/is are you OK with it? In other words does poetry mean something different to each reader and is that OK?

Amy said...

Dork, yes and yes. No writer can anticipate what experiences and emotions a reader brings to the experience (if they read it at all!). Most writers just want to have their work read... Am I right, ladies and Salinger? Or is this aiming too low?

Jennifer Sullivan said...

AWP approved. Let's talk hotels on Wednesday. Sorry I can't find your email so I am leaving a random message.

Erin O'Brien said...

I am glad to know more of Laughing Sal. I have seen her, you know. Girls like us understand each other.

Regarding your poll question, I aim to have my work printed out on high quality paper, then used as an aid in masturbation.

michael salinger said...

dork =

you're dead on. i base my whole teaching philosophy on this concept.

now, there is often a consensus of interpretation for any given piece - but that does not mean a different construal is wrong.

if you're intersted - an educator name louise rosenblatt based a whole pedogogy on this. i was lucky enough to hear her speak a couple years back.

i'll spare you any more - i could talk about this for a long time.