Wednesday, March 19, 2008

in the voice of the heron

My brother took this photo on a trip to Florida not long ago. Craving real green here on this grey-on-grey day. Fiddling with poems. Cate Marvin, author of Fragment of the Head of a Queen, is coming to read next week. Love her stuff, maybe because I'm an only semi-reformed, postconfessional poet.

If I had students, I'd ask them to write in the voice of the heron.


Meagan said...

I can just hear the complaints now. "You think that's bad? My freakin' teacher wants to write in with the voice of a heron. I mean what the hell does that mean?" Sounds fun... I think you should get some students ASAP.

Kristina said...

It's hard to write in the voice of the heron... spoken like a true ex-birder. Yes, March used to be exciting, especially in SEOH, no leaves on trees yet, but so much else going on, and I'd be out there every evening with the binoculars. -- I want to hear more about that semi-reform process. And at least there is lots of green on your blog. Cheers, K.

michael salinger said...

i have quite an affinity for herons - i like the invisibility factor.

coffee this coming week would be grand.