Saturday, March 15, 2008


Saw the film about Rev. Albert Wagner, One Bad Cat. Amazing, and not just because I'm in it with Pam. A complicated man, The Rev's contradictions and his powerful personality are caught well in Tom Miller's direction. Pam's gorgeous painting, Ramona, is featured, as is my favorite painting, The Other Woman. Hope that it comes to a festival near you. Hope that a distributor picks it up. Don't listen to PD's Steve Litt, who panned it (so what else is new?).

Missed the Jim Jones tribute last weekend at the Beachland, and inadvertently deleted a link: go here for a tribute by Mike DeCapite and samples of Jones's music. Scroll down to February 26. Jones was the same age as my mother when she died. Hm.

Am reading new work on May 10 at The Lit (the former poets and writers league, not our old favorite bar) with Nin Andrews and Emily Dressler and others from Barn Owl Review. More to come later.

Happy Birthdays to my sister, Jenny, and to The Beloved Bean and The Beloved Bean's mom. You fabulous fishes.

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