Friday, April 25, 2008

reading, graduation, etc.

READING: Thursday, May 1, 8:30, at Visible Voice bookstore in Tremont, with awesome poet Jen Sullivan, and Karen Schubert and Ginny Konchan. Post-prandials at The Literary Cafe.

Thesis successfully defended. Check. Complicated formatting of thesis accepted and filed. Check. Unsolicited offer of a teaching job received. Wow! What's left? A paper for the mad genius. Hopefully not the last beer at Pints.


michael salinger said...

Gonna do my best to see ya Thursday.

BTW - I'm reading at John Carroll on Wednesday the 30th - it'd be great to see ya (and any of your minions) there!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I am definitely one of your minions. Very excited to read with you.

Amy said...

Oh hey Mike, I have my last workshop in Akron the night you read. Maybe next time?

Also, I'm reading at The Lit on May 10 with Maj, Nin Andrews, Toni Thayer, others...

Jen, I have a poem I'm going to read for you!

baggeroh said...

Congrats, Amy. Now can you come out to play? Will see you at VVB. Consider September for a Lit Cafe reading, okay?

Steve Goldberg