Friday, July 11, 2008

jade tomato

I realized I have a somewhat interesting job when I gave this report to a colleague: "No workmaster for the jade tomato."

Here's some others:
"Is the turtle near the elephant bell push?"
"The cranberry has been removed."
"Art and architecture has been changed to a wedge."
"The crown is the surprise inside the egg."


Erin O'Brien said...

Oh yeah?

On my desk right now: a jar with a smattering of jalepeno Jelly Bellies, a bottle of Softsoap Pink Grapefruit hand soap that has soap in it that is not accessible, a cartoon* of a nude woman crawling through the desert with a vibrator in her hand. The caption: "Batteries! ... Batteries!" my gram's charm bracelet, a bottle of wite-out, the DVD "King Corn" ... you get the picture.

*sent to me by none other than Herb Ascherman via snail mail.

Hi Amy! Miss you!

Amy Sparks said...

Miss you too Miss Erin! I'm in summer hibernation I guess..

sevnetus said...

It's beautiful that the language makes sense. Is it absurd? I think not.

michael salinger said...

Where ya been Sparks?
Come out come out .