Saturday, August 30, 2008

shocked and awed

"I hope they kill him."
This is what my neighbor said about Obama.
"Don't say that. Why would you say that?" I say, stunned.
She handed me some tomatoes. We were standing in her garden.
"Why not? I hope they do."

I would expect, say, a white separatist man from Idaho to say this. Or someone who proudly flies the Confederate flag.

But we, my neighbor and I, live in inner-city Cleveland. We are homeowners, so theoretically we chose to live where we do. And this woman was/is a Hillary supporter. I don't expect all people to love Obama, or Biden, or democrats, or black folk. I don't expect hardly anyone to agree on anything anymore.

But I still believe words have power. That when something is said, it becomes manifest in some small way. Even if one thinks about--or hopes for--assassination, don't speak it. Not here. Not around me.

Those tomatoes she gave me? Outside on a shelf. Uneaten.


michael salinger said...


afi scruggs said...

Wow, x2

Randall said...

A Hillary supporter? She obviously doesnt understand what Hillary stood for. Obama looks like he was built to be President. He looks the part,he talks the part,has poise,he has empathy,he listens, extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, young and eager and doesnt exhibit any hatred of his political enemies. Shoot him? This woman is brain dead.......

dork said...

scary stuff - I wish I could say I am surprised.

dixiedreams said...

some day i will tell you what a youngstown cop told me once, thinking no one was around listening. this stuff goes deep. it's awfully troubling. i hope you're enjoying the necklace! i have others for you if you email me your address....xo

Erin O'Brien said...

Miserable broad.

Miserable, miserable broad.

Michelle Obama ought to go over there and kick her ass.

rkduszy said...

We should all say something positive about Obama, to create positive energy. "I hope Barack Obama lives a long and healthy life."

Anonymous said...