Saturday, January 6, 2007

Cleveland Promo (2003)

A promo Andy Timithy did in 2003 for Cleveland, Ohio. It was rejected by the Cleveland Visitors Bureau. Music by St. Germain - "Pont de Arts"


Erin O'Brien said...

There are so many one-liners, I hardly know where to begin.

1. Pretty pretty doctor smith.

2. Thank you for this ode to female ejaculation (see exploding sponge frames)

3. Subtitle for this film: And why we love Erin O'Brien. (everything is about me all the time)

4. Amy is here. I am here. So if the film doesn't lure you mother effers, that should.

5. Now go here.

Hal said...

Hi Amy,

The video is funny stuff. I'm a native Clevelander, like Erin, so I appreciated it.

Nice blog (I come here by way of Erin, by the way). I will be back.


Maureen McHugh said...

At first I thought, yeah, ick. But the more I watched, the more strangely interesting it became, until I realized that I would probably much prefer to visit this Cleveland than whatever ersatz version portrayed in whatever promo they finally did use.

PDD said...

Effin' brilliant!

And St. Germain was a perfect choice!

grovewood boy said... was more Big Chuck and Little John than made me laugh....there is a tree at the end of a street that when approached from a certain angle forms a perfect heart.....from any other angle its a gnarled mess of tangled branches....thats Cleveland...its where you look and what you expect to find...