Thursday, January 11, 2007


I wonder if this one is in the dream interpretation books? Last night I woke up suddenly with this phrase in my head:
All art is about real estate.

Or maybe it was:
All art is real estate.


Erin O'Brien said...

This dream means: The State Of Being Real Is Art.

(I realize I had to throw away an "e" and the "all," but sometimes that's the way this effing shit goes.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you mean all artists should abandon their arty pursuits and become real estate agents?

grovewood boy said...

All Art is real estate? Estate being us and our imaginations? That would make sense! We sell it and we invite people to live in it.We modify and change it to give us a sense of order amidst an indifferent universe. Its a comfort and a challenge! On the other hand perhaps your subconscious was telling you a cynical observation that Art is being submerged by commerce and ego driven artists begging for attention?

Amy said...

I'm voting for the cynical subconscious message, though I'd like not to believe it.

My subconscious has also recently told me to rescue the grey dog named Samsara (the wheel of suffering in Buddhism) from the bathtub where she is trapped.