Thursday, July 19, 2007

The "I" has it

Both Ingenuity and Imagination are happening at the same time. Too much!

Neal Chandler managed again to be ahead of the curve in getting two hot poets to come to Imagination, the CSU writing conference: Srikanth Reddy, whose book, "Facts for Visitors," is awe-inspiring, and the witty-smart poet Denise Duhamel, who ribbons pop culture through her work, and injects humor into our dour world. (And Ohio's own Nin Andrews.)

Unfortunately, Imagination is urging all attendees to leave the CSU campus tonight to attend a BBQ in the Heights, instead of just walking right outside the door at 5:30 into the parading mass of drummers, dancers, skaters and paraders asssembling at CSU and moving down Euclid to Playhouse Square to kick off the four-day Ingenuity Festival.

It begs the question for some of us: do writers always want to be sequestered away from the rest of the arts, culture and technology worlds? It's probably a scheduling error, but a big one.

After a day of words, I'm ready for some thrumming.

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dixiedreams said...

Come hear Brady's Leap at the Imaginations picnic! Don't leave me stuck with all those band guys alone!