Monday, July 23, 2007

Ingenuity Redux

Favorite things at Ingenuity:
Lisa Lock's incredible dancer strength, walking a thin pole on pointe shoes, hanging seemingly effortlessly in space

Beat the Donkey's wild, but highly orchestrated fun drumming and surprising turns--they should be at every Ingenuity Festival, and the opening parade of 1000 drums should end with their performance

Grandmaster Flash--a sweaty trip down memory lane for us "old-schoolers"

Bill Viola's video from 1991, tucked away in a corner of ideastream

Samantha Schartman's "Mission Control," Michael Lehto's "Hidden Costs," and Xan Palay's "Run Back Home"

The Architecture exhibit about the Breuer Bldg., especially the plan to surround the building with Hulett Ore Unloaders, a machine so perfect, said a former operator, it must have been made by god.


Favorite unscheduled things:
the tornado-like storm that ripped down Euclid on Thursday night (even though it hit some vendors hard...)

the loud woman in the Lisa Lock space saying, "This is the first REAL thing we've seen here"

the crowd watching Mindball

Steve Manka's Asphalt Repair project, behind the theaters near the parking garage

the Playhouse Square employee who helped us get a glass of wine in the State lobby when the Palace lobby bar shut down (now THAT'S customer service)


dixiedreams said...

i'm sorry i missed it. sounds exciting and weird. that tornado wind hit us, too, and we raced to get our sound equipment inside.

Erin O'Brien said...





Amy said...

Hey Erin, nice work on the Free Times piece on the Ingenuity fountain!

Amy said...


Sorry I missed you too...

Nin Andrews said...

Hi Amy,

Sorry I missed it too. Next time I hope it isn't the same time as IMAGINATION.
By the way, Richard Peabody wants poems of yours. He says he's asked you for ages. For Gargoyle--he's reading right now.