Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baseball Hangover

I bailed on the game at about 3 hours, when Ortiz limped to first and was somehow safe. Boston took the lead at 6-5. I checked back after midnight, and it was 6-6 in the 10th. My heart can't take such stress. I only learned this morning that the Indians put 7 on the board in the 11th inning.

You can't say Boston's just a slug machine when they have Josh Beckett pitching. But what about Curt Schilling, who no longer throws true fastballs, but is considered a "finesse" pitcher?

Is that what they'll say about writers when we're older and have more control of our sentences? Can you imagine saying that about artists? "He's a finesse painter," or "She's a finesse writer now that she's of a 'certain age.'" Maybe.

I guess we were writing raw, explosive poems when we were younger, the way Fausto Carmona ends each pitch almost drilling into the dirt with surprise on his face.

Cleveland might be in the world series on the day I reach "a certain age." What a lovely gift! I'll get Sizemore on the phone and order up a grand slam.


dork said...

Sparks- you are an absolute riot. However, I think the only place you can order a Grand Slam is at Denny's- the thought alone makes my heart come to a screeching halt.

michael salinger said...

Watch yourself - Cleveland will break your heart given half a chance. One of my son Max's earliest memories is me waking him up so he could watch the Indians get the last out and win the world series against the Marlins...

Even so - I'll be watching and rooting tonight.

Amy said...

You both talk about hearts. Interesting.

dork said...

Yes- I had that same thought.