Saturday, October 13, 2007

October baseball and poems

Just from a language perspective, a fausto should beat a schilling any time, right?

Does anyone hate Manny Ramirez's smirk as much as I do?

Good news! DMQ Review and Barn Owl Review picked up some poems of mine. See links to their sites below and to the right.


dixiedreams said...

i'm dyslexic today and thought that said "DQ Review"--as in Dairy Queen. i think they should have a publication, don't you? I don't watch enough baseball to bring ramirez's smirk to mind, but how about johnny damon's new-ish do? he's a cute one, that boy.

Amy said...

Dixie, you're just dyslexic today?

My brother wrote a great piece about working for Dairy Queen a long time ago. Funny.
I don't even recognize Damon without his flowing locks, but I hate the Yankees anyway.

dixiedreams said...

okay, i'm always dyslexic. saw a headline the other day that i thought said "students in limo during teacher strike". i read the headline 3 times. then i read the article and looked for the limo. jesus. limbo!

Amy said...

Isn't "students in limo during teacher strike" a better story?