Sunday, January 20, 2008

cold day update

Very rough draft of my thesis is with my director, Mary B., who has some brilliant solutions to some problems. It's a whopping 9 degrees outside and I'm out of coffee. Now that's a crisis! Read Jessica's blog Penzilla, about Georgia's "snowflake" day--hilarious. Went dog-shopping yesterday at the APL, and fell in love with a cat. Am reluctantly, nervously attending AWP in New York. It's completely sold out, which means lots and lots of anxious people. Hm.


dork said...

It's freezing here too- am franticly working on Sunday afternoon trying to make a Monday morning deadline. Sorry I've been off the radar lately- work sucks.

Toni Thayer said...

Hey there. Congrats on the thesis at least getting a first shape!
I'll be at AWP too. If you can't find me, I've been arrested for heckling Joyce Carol Oates.
I hope to see you there or >gasp< here.

Meagan said...

Sheila commented on that... mentioned it seemed that all the MFAs were going this year (guess I'm the odd one out). I second the congratz on thesis semi-completion... I'm freaking out half way through on this end.

Ray McNiece said...

Hey Ame, watch out for those academics!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

I'm wondering about a thesis (never having done one) and what kind of problems yours might have. I'm amazed at the work you've done for these coupla few years now. Amazed and admiring.

jessica said...

we take our snowflake days really really serious down here. :) basically, if you can see your breath in front of you in the morning, you can bet that all the bread, batteries, water, and beer will be gone from the piggly wiggly!

and iiiii want to read your thesis at some point. i hope you'll let me. (imagine me batting my lashes not-so subtly at you now) :)

Jennifer Sullivan said...

Are we going to kick it at Awp?

Amy said...

Dork--you're back! So glad. Sorry work sucks.
Toni--Are you going to spar with the author of The Pugilist?
Meagan--you're not the only one not going.
Buddy!--you came outta your hidey-hole!
Karen--wow, thank you.
Jessica--will gladly send you my ms. mess.
Sullivan--just being around you is "kickin' it" for this old lady.

jessica said...

yay. please please send it.
here is the addy:

1287 cedar shoals dr.
apt. 915
athens, GA 30605

i'm seriously counting on it. OR ELSE. hehe. just kidding. i just really want to read it. you're actually doing me a favor. I MISS YOU.