Monday, January 14, 2008


The most fascinating structure in Washington, D.C.

A quick roadtrip with my longtime friend Jo to visit Kate, our other longtime friend, in Bethesda, Maryland. By longtime I mean from 4th grade. Non-stop talk, chatter, catching up, a nice outdoor fire, and heated political talk (it's in the air there). Childless, Jo and I watch how moms of teenagers organize and manage and coax their kids. I don't remember sleeping till noon, but I'm sure I did. I do vaguely remember giving my mother hard time...

Gorgeous weather, meaning cool air and sunshine. Like good tourists we went "downtown" and visited the American Indian museum--a gorgeous building, a strangely laid-out and presented collection. The most powerful object: one of three Ghost Dance dresses from 1890 made of animal hide, with a simple crescent moon painted green on the breast, and a green star on each shoulder. No photos allowed. The museum does not usually exhibit Ghost Dance material (too sensitive and special), but these dresses were part of a temporary exhibition. The dresses can't take too many white eyes on them.

Drove in rain and snow back to the land of gray.

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Meagan said...

I'll be in DC in February... I hope I get as lucky with weather. I was there in October and it was wonderful.