Sunday, August 17, 2008

not thinking

just staring. eating. objects. black walnuts taste like mushrooms. blue-infused goat cheese. vintage wine tomato my brother grew. blueberries. blueberries. not combining. not cooking. watching water. not poeming. listening to water. water. weird word for lovely thing, water. waiter. waiting for something. wearing blue and wading. knife that slices tomato, spreads the cheese, also severs crabgrass. at the root. summer slowly saying something. swaying heads of fennel. seed me they say. serve me up in the blue chair on the second floor porch. perch. there. bluejay branch. swerve. summer swerving just out of reach.


dork said...

I was JUST not thinking the same thing(s)

maybelle's mom said...

indeed...oh so indeed. i can help with the fennel; i finally began posting fennel recipes.