Sunday, August 10, 2008

water spout?

Excellent storm came in over the lake last night. Much rotation in the sky, but no water spouts. Soon, I hope. Instead, my neighbor's big party tent popped its stakes and took flight, landing upside down in my garden looking like a carnival version of Kafka's cockroach.

Friends' garden party turned into a garage party last night--reminding me of childhood days in the suburbs, hanging out in neighbor's garages, drinking Little Toms and bothering our parents.

It's a cliche, but what's better than good food and good friends?


michael salinger said...

little toms rock - and especially so if they come segregated in a honeycomb partitioned wooden box!

Penultimatina said...

In my old neighborhood in Chicago, all the garages face the alley, and folks set up picnic tables in there and have a party. The view isn't great, but it's a tradition, I guess.

I MISS YOU & may need some #1 Pho again very soon. :)